Welcome to Sonic Wizard, your go-to source for information about sound equipment.

Music lovers know that microphones, preamplifiers, and guitar effects are a must in every great recording, be it at home or in a studio.

Not all sound equipment is created equal. With so many microphones or preamps to choose from, it can seem overwhelming. This is where DIY projects can help. A basic understanding of preamplifier and microphone types, as well as their uses, can serve you well.

Sonic Wizard is one of the most trusted and reliable guitar effects company in Bay Area. I’m a guitarist who followed the do-it-yourself route to have my own sound equipment without shelling out a huge amount of money. This website is a place where I can show my works and make it simpler for newbies to get started.

As the owner of a one-man company, my mission is to help amateur and professional musicians. It is my passion to create exceptional guitar effects pedals that are easy to create and use.

Before, I find it difficult to produce good sound, so I came up with a solution to build by own equipment. I offer quality, durable products such as Individual FX Modules, Colorbox multi-effects unit, and Spectrum preset switcher.

Visit my blog section if you are interested to know more about my projects.


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